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Hairmess Salon Hair Services

Single Process & Gloss: At Hairmess Salon we offer root touch ups and glosses to help achieve your dream color. Root touch ups help you get an even tone for your hair, & as well as cover any new growth or grays. Glosses are a good option if you’re looking to upgrade your hair and make it shiny, glosses will be like your new best friend. Root touch ups typically last up to 5 weeks, and the same is said about glosses. Without an experienced professional to do a root touch up, it can end up bad. Come to Hairmess Salon to get your hair looking even & shiny.

brunette woman with shiny brown curly hair back view in salon.

Full highlights/ Partial/ Balayage/ Ombre/ Air touch: There are so many options to lighting your hair. Hairmess used the highest quality products like Goldwell, Wella, & more to achieve the look you want.The main methods are partial/ full highlights, ombre, balayage, & air touch. The most classic method are highlights, which are weaves of hair that are lightened. Highlights typically last 2-6 months and require a touch up whenever the new growth has grown. Ombre is a method that kind of looks like a transition. I can have 2-4 colors that fade into each other. Ombre is sort of like balayage. But balayages focus more on the tips and focus more on a lived-in look. Air touch isn’t commonly used. It is a process where you lighten the longest layer of your hair and darken the shortest layer of your hair for a lived-in, low maintenance blond typically. These services are the most popular ones among the salon. Olaplex treatments, K-18 , Goldwell masks are encouraged when lighting hair to ensure the hair is healthy even after color.

Professional hairdresser uses foil.

Haircuts/ Blowouts: Haircuts are a women’s and men’s needs. Without a monthly trim or cut, your hair can carry split ends or get uncomfortable to wear. Hairmess salon offers haircuts with a blowout starting at $89. We cut boys, girls, women, & mens hair. A good blowout as well ensures that the hair is dried with tension to achieve a sleek look. Every haircut client gets a mask in the shampoo bowl to soften the hair and provide the special needs that hair requires.

professional hairdresser cuts a guy's hair in a beauty salon, men's haircuts close-up

Keratin: Keratin treatments are the best investment, especially in the summer Florida heat. If you have curly, messy, tangled hair. Keratin can help you have sleek hair all summer long. Hairmess uses a New York based product called Alexander Delacqua Caviar Keratin. It is made without formaldehyde to ensure the safest products on someone’s hair. Humidity plays a big role when it comes to hair. It can cause frizz which makes hair look puffy. Keratin sleeks the hair into a straight look and lasts 2-4 months. The process is fast which requires about 2-3 hours each visit. Its applied all over the head and then blown/straightened into your hair for that glamours straight.

Woman, back or hair style on brown background in relax studio for keratin treatment, self care well

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