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Hair Extensions

Ever wanted long, beautiful, luxurious hair? Maybe it’s time to invest in hair extensions.

Hands with flowers hold strands of hair for extensions on a beige background.

Hair extensions have been around since ancient Egypt. It can change a way a person looks. From 10 inches of hair to 30 inches of hair in just a few hours. Hairmess Salon has many methods in hair extensions. We offer tape ins, weft extensions, k-tips, & I-tips. With the different methods we also provide different hair colors. Your hair extensions can even be customized to your liking. Our hair is 100% European human hair, meaning it can be colored, styled, and more.

Hair extensions procedure. Hairdresser does hair extensions to young girl, blonde in a beauty salon

Maintenance and removal is a huge step in preserving your hair extensions. We recommend coming in every 1-3 months for a move up. This prevents your natural hair from breakage. Removal is a huge part too. If one piece is removed incorrectly. You can be left with damage. To begin your process with hair extensions. Think of whether you would be able to keep up with maintenance. Proper wash time is also important due to it being human hair.

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